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I was born in Rochester, Minnesota in December 1982.

I had a great childhood filled with sports, activities, and family events and was raised by 2 parents, Lynn and Cindy Olson, who gave me a moral compass and ethical understanding at an early age while raising me to be honest, kind, caring, determined, and motivated to help others.


I knew I had leadership qualities early on in life. I started by organizing and selecting teams for kickball on the playground in elementary school, then I led from the front during middle and into high school by being voted captain of my baseball and hockey teams. While attending college in St. Cloud and obtaining my Sales & Management AAS degree, I ran for and won the DECA leadership role of Service Coordinator. As Service Coordinator I planned and organized all college campus events, fundraisers, food drives, and business competition events for the DECA organization.


Upon graduation, I spent the next 10 years building my sales career while pursuing different entrepreneurial ventures, including a successful wedding DJ service from 2008 – 2013. After years of door to door, business to business, phone, technology, and other sales, I achieved the level of Director in 2016. I have enjoyed teaching, coaching, and motivating sales professionals to achieve their goals and dreams in life while practicing proper ethical sales standards.


In 2018, already 36 years old,  I decided to go back to school at GCU where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government with an emphasis on State and Local Policy. I did this because I wanted to become educated and part of the solution within American Politics.


Even after I graduated, my first thought was not to run for office. I wanted to get involved and support some causes and candidates I like, while helping advocate for political and policy reform. Then a person close to me said, “But Ev, if good people do nothing, the bad people win, and change will never happen. If not you, then who?”.


I then realized that it was my duty as a citizen to stand up for THE PEOPLE, average citizens, that currently do not feel represented within todays polarized political parties, by running for office to represent THE PEOPLE, not a political party.


Please support my efforts in running for Arizona State Senate in 2024.

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